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So it's been awhile since this group has been active, but things are going to change! starting with an FAQ. Everyone can find the FAQ on the homepage under "FAQ, Applications & Folder Info."

Also, expect to see a few more things coming up soon!
The title speaks for itself! We now have a Wallpaper folder for those awesome, unique and simple pieces! Go check it out!!
Through much decision, R3V4N and I have decided the StefanHuerlemann Logo submission best suits the Celestreus group. It was hard to pick because all of the submissions had some radical and awe-inspiring compositions. What it came down to is that this logo is remarkably simple, but its bold and show profession. The lack of a title also makes it more unique; burning that emblem into your brain and recognizing it as Celestreus.

Great work everyone!
If you ever needs some tips, secrets, etc.. or just want to chat, Celestreus' Chat room is always available and all are welcome! :D
We need some more logo entries! Your logo could be the official Celestreus LOGO!

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